Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stocks with positive weekly DMI

As I mentioned many times when weekly DMI changes from negative to positive or the other way around the long term time frame becomes positive or negative. This is true for the general market, for index ETFs. However, it doesn't work that well for individual stocks. With this in mind I am presenting you a list of stocks that recently switched from a negative weekly DMI to a positive DMI. These are stocks you can have in mind if you are trading individual stocks. Obviously with individual stocks the technical aspect is not sufficient, you also need to look at the fundamentals, you need to research the stock to see if they are going to announce something soon (like a new product or earnings) and most important you need to have a good stomach to "digest" potential huge fluctuations up or down. I also tried to best fit the data to the best EMAs to be easily for you to spot an uptrend. Obviously if weekly DMI turns negative you need to exit the stock.

Here are a few of these stocks. There are many more that switched from negative to positive weekly DMI. In another post I am going to present to you stocks that switched from positive to negative weekly DMI.

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