Friday, September 16, 2011

At a crossroad

I don't have too much time today to do a proper analysis on the stock market. The thing is that bulls pushed the index exactly at SMA 75 but not above. If they manage push it a few more points (above 1230) the long term is going to turn bullish as well. It all depends on the good or bad news from Europe. As far as I know Feds are going to have a two days meeting next week when they are going to take the biggest decision of all: QE3 or not QE3.

Among the stocks featured in the last few days the majority worked well. PFE gave a false sell signal on 5 minutes chart but the others worked well. My RIMM straddle worked very well since the stock plunged today (I needed a big move either up or down). WCRX, and QGEN working well on the upside. FFIV and MU gave a sell signal, granted not very clear, especially for MU.

One can make money on shorter time frames using EMAs crossing but, as I mentioned before, the trouble with shorter time frames is that they generate many whip-saws. It all depends what type of trader are you, faster or slower.

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